Simple Fried Apples

So last night as me and my wife were about to go to bed, I ask her to set out a jar of our home canned apples from last fall. I woke up this morning and dumped the apples into a frying pan and topped them with cinnamon. This is a common site in farm houses and country homes every morning all across the country, but not here. This saddens me, but nevertheless, it was an enjoyable experience.

As I sit listening to the apples fry and smelling the cinnamon rolling through the air, I drifted for a moment. Last October, Tracy and I had decided we wanted to try home canning. We enjoy fresh produce and love preserving skills used by our ancestors, as well as our parents. A few dollars and a few hours of picking at a local farm and we had a bushel of apples. Some supplies from a local hardware store (Die Wal-mart) and we were ready. It was a great night, with laughing and playing and joking. But something happened in that kitchen that night, we took control. Control and responsibility. Unlike most, we were doing something, to make sure we had food later. In this instance, it was not as simple as running to a grocery store and buying something wrapped in plastic. Short of growing the apples, we were in complete control of this food. Finished and ready for storage the jars were loaded onto a shelf and waiting to be used at a later date. Now, seven months later I stand in my kitchen, drowning these poor apples in cinnamon and butter.

This may to some seem like nothing more that a babbling article, that says nothing about anything. But if you have ever evaluated where you food actually comes from, if you have ever thought about what happened to make that meal on your plate appear, and even more, if you have ever taken control of any part of your food, then you’ll know what this experience meant to me. Don’t walk through life as a sheep, being led by a shepherd simply because that is what everyone else is doing, look up, and find out who you really are, and get connected to the things that make you who you are.

How to fry apples:

1 pint jar of canned apples in syrup

2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon

2 tablespoons of butter

Preferably using a cast iron skillet, heat butter until well melted. Drain apples and add to pan. Top with cinnamon. Fry until apples begin to deteriorate and thicken. Color will turn dark brown. Brown sugar can be added during the last few minutes of cooking if you wish.

Fresh apples can be used but need to increase butter to 3 tablespoons and extend cooking times. Some sugar will need to be used if using fresh apples.


One thought on “Simple Fried Apples

  1. It is a amazing feeling when you do take that control and put it in your hands. I can totally understand. Last weekend my wife and I made about 20 1/2 pint jars of strawberry jam. Keep the posts coming.



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