Review: Buffalo Wild Wings Richmond, Ky

For the first restaurant review we wanted a place that we knew well. We have been eating at this restaurant pretty much since it opened. However, the review in question is about a visit on December 15, 2011.

We arrived just after 8pm and were greeted and sit immediately. The hostess was friendly and spot on with the specials and promotions. Our waitress “Patricia” was if anything too friendly, and provided great service throughout the entire service.

We ordered boneless wings in their honey barbecue sauce and a basket of potato wedges with cheese. The food arrived promptly and was well cooked. One of the best things that I have observed with BW3’s is that their cooks do not over use sauce. The wings are tossed with just enough sauce to cover, allowing the chicken to speak alone as well. The honey barbecue sauce is my favorite, though they are more known for their spicy sauces which are quite good as well. The potato wedges were cooked well, maintaining just enough texture to be a solid and not mushy. They arrived to the table with the cheese melted and bubbling, and were obviously saved off, to be the last dish plated. The dipping sauces chose, blue cheese and ranch, were also quite good and in generous quantities.

Having eaten at many “sports bar” style restaurants including multiple BW3’s, I would have to say that Richmond’s BW3’s is one of the better I have been to, and in my opinion have some of the best wings I have tried in the area. I give them a rating of 4 of 5.


Buffalo Wild Wings

2139 Lantern Ridge Dr #100  Richmond, KY 40475-6011

(859) 624-2437


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