New Harmo Polar Harmonica!!


So I have been wanting a harmonica for a while now, but never could decide on what to buy. I finally decided to buy a Harmo Polar Harmonica from Amazon. So far I absolutely love it! The harmonica comes with a nice fitting case with a zipper, which is great for carrying it around. The harmonica itself is gorgeous, and could be used as a display piece. It seems to be very well built. It seems good and sturdy, and has a good weight in the hands. The best feature though is the sound! It has an amazingly rich sound, that I wasn’t expecting just from hearing my friends play. It is also quite loud, and the sound fills the whole room. It sounds fantastic when you play it in the woods at night; It reminds me of a rich bluegrass band sound.


The harmonica also comes with a very detailed instruction sheet showing you the basics of how to play and care for the harmonica, which was handy since I had no idea. It also comes with a two year warranty which is awsome as well. Learning to okay is going to be an experience, but when I can pull out my harmonica and play during out next group camping trip it will be well worth it!


Check out my unboxing video here:


Here is the harmonica I bought on Amazon Harmo Polar Harmonica


Here is their website Polar Harmonica


Here is the link to Harmonica Land as well Harmonica Land


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