Mini Harmonica and Key Label Stickers

So I bought this little harmonica off of Amazon as a novelty because I thought it would be a cool keychain. I was very surprised that it is actually a tiny working harmonica! You can see the tiny little reeds and everything! It’s so neat!

Now I have my doubts that you are going to play your next gig with it, but it’s still cool as all get out! The keychain itself is heavy duty a well, and has a nice clip that does not feel like it’s going to fall apart in my hands if I use it (Big guy problems). I am pretty sure I am going to have to buy my kid one now for his backpack, or rather buy me another one as I’m sure he is going to take this one! I am sure his preschool teacher will love that. Either her or the poor bus driver. Anyway a great item, that I would recommend.

I also bought these stickers and they are just awesome. I have made my own for a while by cutting up address labels, but this is sooo much better. They come off easy and stick really well. There are plenty of everything so they should last for a while and can handle a large collection. For the price and how many I got, I am very happy. Also would definitely recommend.

Both products are made by  Harmo, and can be found on their site here Mini-mo and here Key Label Stickers. They can also be purchased from Harmonica Land, and can be found on their site HERE.


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